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My whole life, I've known one purpose: to mate with men, procreate and bear new mermaid offspring who will grow into soldiers to fight in Neptune's army. Easy peasy... with one little hiccup. My siren song doesn't work. 

No one can know.

I'm a broken mermaid with a faulty lure. At eighteen, I've failed to entice a single guy to my bed throughout my entire transition, and time is running out. But all that will change with the ocean's next deadly storm. Dragged from the treacherous water, mythology says a rescued sailor will be so grateful that he'll fall into anyone's arms, even a mermaid without a lure. Only trouble is, the desperate shipmate that I save isn't a man... it's Maggie, a twenty-something girl. 

Now I've got an unlikely guide to help me connect like humans do. After all, a mermaid with no voice can still use her body language. Maggie will show me, as long as I don't romance one person... her wildly handsome brother. Should be an easy stipulation. But trust is a scarce commodity, and deception lies around every corner. There are plenty of reasons why merfolk and humans don't spend time together, and a lot can go wrong when the unforgiving depths of the ocean and the surface world collide. 


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Cruel and Splendid Mermaids book cover
Cruel and Splendid Mermaids
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