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Mermaids. Mating. And a splash of magical fantasy. Surrender to the siren song in Cruel and Splendid Mermaids, a paranormal romance filled with aquatic world-building and underwater suspense. 

Meet Ellara Merme, your not-so-average mermaid with a week left on her clock before she either mates with a human and becomes a coveted Neptune baby-maker, OR she gets a lifetime pass to the ocean's version of becoming an underwater slave. Yeah, not great career choices. (Please note, this is not a story ‘bout the babies, just the baby-making…)

Just when Ellara's desperation levels are hitting a new high tide, she spots a sailor in distress and, when given the chance to mate with a rescued captain, she swoops in to save him. Plot twist: the sailor turns out to be a lady. Crap. Still, Ellara's altruistic actions do find a silver lining. This girl can help her find a mate on land!

Now, Ellara and the sailor-turned-wing-woman hatch a plan to help the mermaid get down to mating. But there's a catch—the guy Ellara seduces can't be Sailor Girl's hunky older brother. Yep, no matter how cute he looks in his gray cotton sweats, that guy is off-limits to the mermaid. Got it?!

With the clock ticking louder than ever, Ellara and her newfound friend navigate the treacherous waters of love, duty, magic, and, let's be real, some serious mermaid shenanigans. This siren has a lot to learn about dry land and human relations. Will Ellara find her prince charming before time runs out? Can she do it with a touch of magic? And will the Sailor Girl's older brother and Ellara be able to resist the siren call of mating, even if it means their dreams are dashed to pieces on the sand?

Cruel and Splendid Mermaids is an enchanting tale of friendship, romance, danger, twists, and mayhem. So grab your snorkel and dive into this enchanting adventure—you won't want to miss a single splash!

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Cruel and Splendid Mermaids
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Mermen. Monsters. And a lot of Manipulation. An at-odds prisoner (merman) and warden (mermaid) are about to set off to cross the deep ocean and end up running for their lives. Dive into the twisted waters of Dark and Lovely Mermaids, a forced proximity, enemies to lovers paranormal romance where the love is deep and the ocean is wild. 

Ellara Merme made a bad deal. To save her friends and human sweetheart, she agreed to become a sea-slave, the lowest class in the mermaid world. It's hell on earth, at the bottom of the ocean. A terrible choice. The only decision that's worse is the choice she's about to make. 

The leader of the mermaids has offered her an out: Deliver the merman prisoner to Neptune's army and all will be forgiven. No problem. Should be an easy mission. Except...

... the deep ocean is full of monsters itching to make the mermaid their next meal. 

... plus she might be catching feelings for the merman she's supposed to be delivering. Could he possibly be so charming? Or are there other manipulations at play? 

With danger crashing on every wave, Ellara has to decide: should she stick to the plan and save herself from sea-slavery? Or dive headfirst into the waters of romance? Can she outsmart the ocean and resist the merman's charms? Or will she end up making an even worse bargain to survive? 

Dark and Lovely Mermaids is a thrilling, loyalty testing, romantic underwater adventure full of monsters, natural disasters and an army of mermen–an underwater story so enchanting you won't want to come up for air!

Dark and Lovely Mermaids
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