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2022-0299 audio Julie Catherine b01.jpg
Narrator: Patricia Santomasso
Run time: 6 hours, 39 minutes
Paranormal Bonds, SampleParanormal Bonds
00:00 / 04:44

Mystery. Magic. Witch school.

Students are dying to get in.

My whole world changed when I started the new school year. We moved to a new place, I started the new grade, but everything about this small town feels a little… off. Including my aunt. We’ve been together forever, just the two of us against the world. But this is where she and Mom grew up. Family secrets are thick in the air.

Luckily, there’s Spade. Wait. Is lucky the right word?

The cocky-boy makes me feel a little nuts. I kind of like it. A lot. Plus, it’s smarter than spending time with mysterious, off-limits Beck. (I’m not attracted to him either, I swear.) Both seem to know much more than me. A paranormal bonding season? A secret witch academy? An exclusive, deadly invite? With connections to my family?

Honestly? I just want to know what the hell is going on.

The first exhilarating book in the teen paranormal witch academy series, the High Council Witch Academy.

Predetemined Bonds audiobook
2022-0300 audio Julie Catherine b02.jpg
Narrator: Patricia Santomasso
Run time: 8 hours, 18 minutes
SamplePredetermined Bonds
00:00 / 04:52

Mystery. Magic. Witch school. Don't leave your enrollment to fate.


So now I know.I’m a witch.


My mom, and my aunt, and their mom were also witches. Maybe my dad? There’s just a whole lotta witches in my family.


And in this town too.


Stormy Josie, off-limits Beck, even cocky-boy Spade all have enchanted abilities.We were supposed to get invites to the High Council Witch Academy… maybe. But, the death of a classmate interrupted our fate. Now, no one’s sure.


(You’d think fate would know, after all, it’s fate. But, I digress.)


The High Council will only accept the strongest, most magical bonds. So now, we’ve got to do it all again. And this time, the witches expect us to prove that we’re worthy. They plan to test all our limits. The initiation’s about to get vicious. But is this where I really belong?


The second breath-taking book in the teen paranormal academy series, the High Council Witch Academy.

Future audio books coming soon...

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