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The Truth About The Spy
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Double life, double trouble: The Truth About the Spy

Fifteen-year-old Olive is a top-secret agent for the S.P.Y. Academy. She's used to living a double life, juggling her high school studies with dangerous missions. But when she accidentally involves her best friend, Kitty, in one of her assignments, Olive's two worlds collide in the worst possible way.

Desperate to make things right, Olive sets out to fix her mistake and protect Kitty at all costs. But she soon she finds herself caught in a web of lies and deceit. With her agency on her tail and her best friend's trust hanging in the balance, Olive must decide which is more important: her duty as a spy or her loyalty to her friend.

With time running out, can Olive find a way to outsmart her enemies and win back Kitty's trust before it's too late. Or will the smallest mistake cost Olive everything. The Truth About the Spy is a heart-pounding YA tale of espionage, trusting yourself, and the high price of secrets.

The Secrets in the Skies
The Motives of the Guy
The Truth About the Lies
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