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Teenage spy and high school student, Olive Stone, is a top operative in the S.P.Y. Academy tasked with gathering secret information on international threats. She’s an excellent agent, and a high-achieving student, but when her best friend, Kitty, discovers Olive's secret identity, all hell breaks loose.

Suddenly, Olive's personal life is just as dangerous as her missions.


With her cover blown, Olive must navigate high school drama while trying to stop a double agent plot to kidnap junior agents. Starting with Kitty.

As Olive races against the clock to save her best friend, she realizes that she can't do it alone. She must find a way to earn Kitty's forgiveness and work together to bring down the enemy. Or die trying.

"The Truth About the Spy" is the first book in the S.P.Y. Girl Academy’s heart-pounding series, filled with the emotional turmoil of a teenage spy torn between duty and loyalty. Will Olive be able to save the day and win back her friend's trust, or will she be forced to sacrifice everything for the mission?

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