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In honor of Valentine's Day,  who would you choose as your  parabond? ❤️   


a.) a horseback riding cowboy who's father left them when they were little. Tall. Black hair. Not great with cars. 


b.) a rock-climber who's wit is acerbic but their truth bombs are always honest. Rides a mean scooter. Dark clothes. Dark frown. Great with young girls. 


c.) the baby  of the family who's loyal to a fault. Mommy issues. Sister's a nightmare. Runs hot and cold like the weather. Needs a haircut stat.


d.) tall drink of water who's formal and polite. Good with science and math. Can be a lion or lamb. A gentle giant. Don't piss them off.


e.) fun-loving freakster who's confident to a fault. Drives like the wind. Wildly loyal partner. Not afraid to sing along. Loud. 


f.) charming class leader. Ready to verbally spar. Always knows what time it is, but is looking for a watch. And that smile… 


g.) a data loving bookworm who keenly follows rules and laws. Pretty good at Scrabble. Bad at lying. Kind.


h.) a lone wolf who's not one for small talk. Fiercely loyal to friendships, although none are especially close. Smarter than most people in the room. Which is a blessing and a curse.


i.) an orphan with family secrets who's good in a pinch. They try to please the one they're with. But they get in trouble, a lot.


j.) a blonde haired, blue-eyed doctor who loves their daughter. 


Do the descriptions fit? 





Dr. Winters






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